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Dec 9, 2012 9:30am EST
year? i think there are.. a couple oferiodicals have ranked the city as number three i believe inn terms ofrowing technology a and the enentrreneur when you lk at thehe major compans that have go to northern virginia, ey have done extremely well, and they started at columbia. -- and they y started in the district of columb one of the things we need t to do is to keep them in dc. tting cial has made the decision to stay in the district of columbia.a. --iving social has ma the decision t to stay in the district of columumbi there was a report rectlthat showed that only 83 comnies in the d.c. area havave 500 emoyee that is out of 22,000 cpanies. you look at wherehe oprtunities e. over 10,000 bubusiness have 1-4 emplees. that is the market. how w can we make it attractctive for moref t tho to be in our city? >> what do likebout the mayor's plan? >> we arare eased to see e plan. this is the first time that t we have seen an economic plan in the 11 years i have been in this job that talks about enomic development and not just shovels in the grounund. this has a broad, far-reaching approa
Dec 30, 2012 9:30am EST
gave us a leg up understanding virtually the entire city that i or other directors understood. it made a big difference. >> give us a background for the back than that. your dad was a big influence -- he was a l liquor will sailor. what are some of the things about the business world does your dad did that he wanted to replicate? my dad was very passionate about what he did. he loved what he did. he was a salesman for a wholesaler had wonderful relationships with the stores he called on and was always available to the store owner. i remember as a kid when it was christmas time and somebody needed it is a liquor and they were out, my father was the first one saturday or sunday to figure out a way to get the case -- tried to brooklyn or queens -- to get the store owner of the liquor. it was really his passion and vision and commitment to be able to give back. that is what he did and i have had it really my whole life during college and then starting out when i started the real- estate business. >> you went to the university of maryryland and then you and your wife moved back to new
Dec 23, 2012 9:30am EST
distrt in second place nationwide for its growth rate behind only north dakota. the growth continues the trend in recent yeaears, and the mar is welcoming the news saying it is a statement that people are voting with their feet and responding t to improvements in education, infrastructure, and city services. will have our roundtable right after the break. first, the federal hot minute. >> the business of government is going through a dynamic change driven by sequestration and other trends. there is no shortage of articl on research of the topic. the president of the professional services council urges the department of defense not to repeat the mistakes made in the early '90s when cut were made across the board and the work force was disproportionately impacted. he urges the cuts should now be more strategic. the story on how it is having a negative impact on the profit of vendors selling to the fed's. therefore, it should be no surprise when you see the results of another survey put out by mamarket connections which shows how government contractors arare seekingevenue opportunities
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3